Monday, May 16, 2016

Moral Economy Summit in KC

Our friends in Kansas City, Communities Creating Opportunities ( are hosting a Moral Economy Summit on May 18 and 19, 2016. You can go to the following website for information.

CCO reports that Kansas and Missouri have two of the lowest economic growth rates in the nation. According to "The Business Insider" Kansas ranks the 11th worst regarding unemployment rates, housing, prices, average weekly wages, and more.

Communities Creating Opportunities, a faith-based organization with over 25 years of experience in Kansas City, is hosting the Moral Economy Summit to discuss how communities can access full employment, fair credit, early childhood education, and increased health and life expectancy. Eric Liu, founder of Citizen University, and Sophia Bracey Harris, co-founder of the Federation of Community-Controlled Centers of Alabama, are the keynote speakers.

Healthy families are the true measure of a healthy economy and a vibrant community. We celebrate CCO for hosting this important summit and look forward to deepening our partnership with them.

One of the front-line issues for a moral economy in Wichita soon will be decided by the Board of Education for USD 259. Members of the  BOE are to be congratulated for the courageous stand they have taken thus far to protect jobs as they wrestle with the budget crisis created by the Kansas legislature and the governor. We are asking them to continue to stand strong for teachers, custodians, librarians and others who are on the front-line of education. Educators, board members, parents, and all those who are committed to protecting and advancing high quality public education in our community deserve our thanks and our support.

David Hansen

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