Your financial support helps ensure that issues of worker's rights and economic justice in Kansas are addressed by members of the faith community in partnership with labor.

Become a vital partner in the struggle. Make a contribution to IWJ Kansas, a project of Global Faith in Action, a 501(c)(3) organization. As such, donations to IWJ Kansas are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

At this time we would ask that you make your donation by check, payable to Interfaith Worker Justice Kansas, and send it to this address:

Interfaith Worker Justice Kansas
5214 East Pembrook Circle
Wichita KS 67220

If you would like to explore options for making a special contribution, such as a planned or in-kind gift, please contact us.

As a donor you can help us expand our network by giving us permission to exchange your name (not your contact information) with like-minded people and organizations. If willing to do so, please enclose a note with your donation, saying, "You have my permission to share my name with like-minded people and organizations." You may also do this using our contact form.

We respect and will protect your privacy. Rest assured that if you allow us to share your name, we will not give out any of your contact information without first obtaining your permission.

We are grateful for all donations, small and large. We can't do this work without you! Together, we can improve the lives of workers today and build a better future for the next generation of workers.