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Become a sustaining member. An annual individual membership fee is $30; fixed or limited-income, $25; student, $15; institutional, $120. Please send your check, payable to IWJ Kansas, to 5214 E. Pembrook Circle, Wichita, KS 67220. Contact us for more information.

Volunteer Your Time, Energy and Talents

IWJ Kansas is looking for committed individuals willing to work with staff, labor groups, community organizations and people of every faith to bring about positive change for workers. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us. Volunteers are especially needed to staff our telephone network and assist with special events.

Contact Your Legislators

It's crucially important to tell your state legislators, congresspeople and senators what you think about policy issues like workers' rights. IWJ Kansas can provide guidance through this website and by email regarding when to write about a particular bill or issue and what to say. Sign up for our email list here.

Legislators' offices tally calls from constituents in favor of or in opposition to a particular bill. These tallies can make all the difference to an officeholder's final position on a piece of legislation. It only takes a few seconds to call up the office and tell the staffer who answers what you think of a bill that has been proposed. Please program your cellphone with your legislators' phone numbers and call them frequently. Encourage your friends and relatives to do the same!

You can also email your legislators, or send a letter. When corresponding in these ways, make sure to include your home address so you can receive a response. Remember, you don't have to be an expert on an issue for your perspective and your voice to matter. You are a citizen who supports workers and their rights.

Get Your Faith Community Involved

In the richest country in the world, more than two million full-time, year-round workers live below the poverty line, struggling to pay for necessities such as food, housing, healthcare, transportation, and childcare. Faith communities can and should be vital support systems and powerful advocates for these fellow human beings. Here are some ways to involve yours:

Participate in Labor in the Pulpits/on the Bimah/in the Minbar. Celebrate the sacred link between faith, work, and justice. Invite a union member or labor leader to be a guest speaker on Labor Day weekend, and focus your Labor Day weekend service on worker justice issues. Since 1996, thousands of faith communities in our nation have done so. Click here for worship resources for Labor Day weekend (or for use at other times during the year).

Organize a Small-Group or Congregational Study, or a Public Forum Hosted by Your Faith-Community. IWJ offers a number of free resources, many of them downloadable, for just this purpose. Explore and study what various religions and specific denominations say about the connection between faith and worker justice, and engage congregants in advocating fair policies for workers.

Organize an Interfaith Prayer Vigil in Support of Low-Wage Workers and Their Families.

Organize a Letter-Writing Campaign. Join with other members of your faith community in writing to, or otherwise communicating with, your elected officials to press for worker rights.

Encourage Others in Your Faith Community to Join You in Volunteering for a Workers' Rights Campaign, with a Religion-Labor Coalition or at a Worker Center. For more information, contact us.

Get Your Campus Community Involved

Organize a Campus Alliance. We encourage students, faculty members, staff, campus ministers, and members of student organizations and campus ministries to get involved with IWJ Kansas. Consider joining the national IWJ Campus Alliance, becoming a campus ally of the national IWJ movement and its Kansas chapter. As an IWJ campus ally, you would affirm a commitment to worker justice and participate in a national network of interfaith coalitions, workers' centers, people of faith, and individuals creating social and economic change. If you're interested in this possibility, please download and review the Campus Alliance Agreement, and contact us to move forward.

Be an IWJ Summer Intern. Students can spend the summer exploring the connection between faith and social justice while participating in the worker justice movement through this program. Opportunities are available for both undergraduate and graduate students, including seminarians. Click here for more information.