Monday, April 25, 2016

Against Privatization

     Recently at the School Board meeting of USD259 privatization of

custodial personnel was considered. For that reason I would like to

present several reasons which militate against privatization.

     Traditionally custodial and other ministry personnel have been a

vital support for the positive outcome of a  service organization. They

 were tied to the whole venture by their salaries, benefits, and sense of

 of belonging . Workers knew that their contribution was part of the

 success of the organization.

     In these days those in charge of schools, hospitals and other service

organizations may feel the need to reduce costs. Private groups step up

and agree to the responsibility for workers and will certainly do so in a

way to accumulate profit.

     Who stands to lose out? The parent organization is no longer

accountable for salaries, days off, seniority, and even in place of work.

At the same time the ties that gave workers pride in the ministry

outcome is somewhat weakened. The privatizing group makes money.

The workers may suffer from lack of seniority status and attention to

their basic needs both in salary and benefits. They are no longer sure

that they are a vital part of the parent ministry.

     Some of the negatives have been realized in organizations which

have privatized. In some places, without close ties, the work has been

less acceptable. In the case of privatization of detention centers the

services provided were far from sufficient. A pathway for workers to

move from lower class to middle class is not there since incentives and

benefits formerly supplied, such as certain holidays, are eliminated.

Workers vitality is compromised.

     Use every means to support this issue of justice for workers.

Churches and individuals are asked to stand for workers on this present


Sister Dorothy LeBlanc
Interfaith Worker Justice, Kansas

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